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Service Hours

As you all know, the Confirmation program requires a total of 20 service hours by the end of Year 2. However, in our current situation, it is difficult to complete service hours the way we usually would. To complete the service hour requirement while following social distancing protocols, we have put together a list of service projects that can be completed virtually, at home, or in social distanced small groups.

You may choose from any of the projects below to fulfill your service hours requirement. If you, a family member, or a friend comes up with another service project idea, let Melissa know! Get creative and have fun with it!

For service hours credit, text a photo to Melissa at (909) 333-6523. Make sure to include your name!

For service hours credit, have the listed person sign the service hours form, found below!

For service hours credit, tag @sj23youthministry on Instagram!

Service Projects

  1. Make blankets for people in need; click here for a tutorial! (1 blanket = 2 hours)

  2. Donate food, clothes, games, or toys to Catholic Charities; click here to access their website! (10 items = 1 hour)

  3. Volunteer to virtually tutor a friend or family member; have the student's parent complete the service hours form

  4. Write to your government representatives about an issue you care about; click here to find a representative (1 letter = 1 hour)

  5. Host a game night for nursing home residents through Zoom; have a staff member complete the service hours form

  6. Send cards to loved ones who might feel lonely or isolated (2 cards = 1 hour)

  7. Leave notes, rocks, etc. with positive phrases around your local community; click here for an example! (2 rocks = 1 hour)

  8. Go grocery shopping for an at-risk family member, neighbor, or friend (1 grocery store = 1 hour)

  9. Use Instagram to raise awareness for a social justice issue; tag @sj23youthministry (1 post = 1 hour)

  10. Use Instagram to spread positivity through an inspirational quote, Bible verse, etc.; tag @sj23youthministry (1 post = 1 hour)

  11. Volunteer at Mary's Mercy Table; click here for contact info, ask for Marsha, and have her sign the service hours form

  12. Help Melissa with organizing, retreat preparations, etc.; have her sign the service hours form

(Click to download)

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