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Sponsor Retreat

This retreat is split into three parts.  In order to complete the retreat, you will need to complete all three parts fully and completely.  Follow the instructions below to complete Part 2, then proceed to Part 3. 

Way Truth Life.jpg
The Way, the Truth, and the Life

These three points, “the Way”, “the Truth”, and “the Life”, parallel the three phases your candidate is going through as part of the Confirmation preparation process.

The first phase, “the Way”, refers to the candidate’s initial discovery of the faith. In this phase, he/she is asking questions and searching for answers. Through this process, he/she is finding his/her way to God.

The second phase, “the Truth”, refers to the candidate’s learning of the faith. He/she is finding the answers to his/her questions and diving more deeply into the faith he/she has been raised with. Through this, he/she is discovering God’s truth. 

The last phase, “the Life”, refers to the candidate’s living out the faith. The faith is no longer just a routine or a small part of who they are; it shines through their everyday life. Through this, he/she is dedicating his/her entire life to God.

Pray along and read through the slides below, which elaborate on each of these three phases of the Confirmation journey.

Part 2: The Way, the Truth, and the Life

Read through the slides, then respond to the reflection questions below. Click the arrow to move to the next slide.

Embossed Paper

Phase 1: The Way

On the Road to Discovering Christ



Lord Jesus, sometimes my heart is restless, and I am distracted by worldly desires and cares. When I pursue things that are contrary to your will for my life, I feel unsatisfied. I am restless because I have not turned to you wholeheartedly.


Help me to know that you are the source and fulfillment of my desires and the healer of my brokenness. Empower me, Jesus, to be a living witness to you, especially to the candidate you have entrusted to me. May my heart, being more fully united with you, be a beacon of your love to all the people in my life.



Review Part 2

Please review this section to make sure you have completed it fully, and make sure to click "Submit" for the reflection questions if you haven't already. After reviewing Part 2, you may move on to Part 3 by clicking the button below.

*DO NOT* move on to Part 3 if you have not submitted your reflection question responses for Part 2!

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